Le Chromecast de Google

Le Chromecast de Google commence à être disponible en France. Mon côté geek ne résiste plus à l’envie de jouer avec ce nouveau gadget de Google.

Encore non disponible sur Google Play, Chromecast est disponible au compte gouttes sur Amazon.fr.

Hop, deux jours après la commande, voici le Chromecast branché.

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War 2.0 and free press

We’ve seen this initiated in the Iraqi war and in the recent attacks in Mumbai but in the on going conflict on the Gaza Strip, Web 2.0 methods are widely used to communicate as much as possible on each side. Two examples ; Israel demonstrates how precise Tsahal’s bombings are but posting videos on YouTube. On the other hand, AlJazeera has open an AJGaza twitter to communicate on-the-fly on the most recent events.

But in the end, does all this help to really understand the conflict, its reasons? Does it show the path to its possible solutions? I’m afraid not. More, it looks like a more and more common way to criminalize the conflict in order not to seek a solution. A strategy more and more encountered all around the world. Unfortunately, a war has never been won by lack of combatants.

It is just another illustration about the difference between information and communication. True independent journalism gets more and more difficult but biased information does not help solving issues. What is the solution? And how many innocent people will die before we have one?

A must read: Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press by Kristina Borjesson

YouTube on your TV

Watching YouTube videos frequently? This is for you.

Google Media Server helps you watching Youtube videos and other digital media files on your TV. All you need is a UPnP enabled device and installing Google Media Server (Google desktop is required to index your local files). Windows Media Center does the same when dealing with local files but Google Media Server adds the web streaming.