Ever heard about Media RSS?

May be not. Media RSS is a media syndication format extension to RSS developed by Yahoo! in 2004. More than a simple technical niche extension, Media RSS is a powerful while easy to implement means of sharing media and in particular photos.

From the insider point of view, support of Media RSS simply consists in adding some <media> tags if a RSS feed already exists.

As you can do with standard RSS feeds, Media RSS feeds help you keeping in touch automatically with the latest posted items of various sites.

Dealing with digital pictures, Frame Channel allows for easily pushing contents of Media RSS feeds to digital photo frames.Media RSS may still not widely available but no doubt that it will gain notoriety as RSS did. As usual, it is a matter of available implementation. Several photo sharing sites such as Photobucket and Smugmug already provide support for Media RSS,  KoffeePhoto photo sharing is the latest to date to announce its support of Media RSS.

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