Internet radio to hit the roads?

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At CES 2009, Blaupunkt and miRoamer have announced a partnership that will put internet radio into car dashboards for the first time.

Blaupunkt has put together two prototype devices, the Hamburg 600i for single-height dash configurations and the dual-height New Jersey 600i. The devices use the 3G phone’s Bluetooth connection to get online and access miRoamer’s thousands of internet radio stations. In addition to these stations, the devices can pull playlists put together and hosted online, pointing to MP3s and other music files found across the internet. Embedded 3G connectivity will probably be the next step…

Internet radio really looks more and more as the future of digital radio.

A skinnable car

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Tired of car design you have to chose from? You want a car that looks like none else? Go to the skinnable car… Dealing with computers, we are already used to skins when it comes to software customization. BMW thought of applying the skin based customization concept to car design. Electric and hydraulic actuators associated to a resilient, durable and water resistant polyurethane-coated Lycra allow the owner to change the body shape.

See how BMW views the future of customized cars.