PMA08: digital cameras connect to photo sharing (at last)

by Carl. 2 Comments

For sure, recent PMA was the opportunity for numerous announcements. Quite logically, my interest went to digital camera manufacturers showing photo sharing connectivity.

The first pretty impressive was the Samsung GX-20 with its optional battery pack featuring Wi-Fi connectivity. Demonstrated at the show was upload to Picasa. Flickr also showed up in the menus but not done due to contractual reasons.

Lumix previewed a nice implementation allowing both upload to Picasa and sending by e-mail.

My preference goes to Eye-Fi, a small SD card featuring 2 Gbytes of storage and an automatic Wi-Fi based upload of the photos either to my computer or to photo sharing sites. Once connected to the defined Wi-Fi network, the card automatically uploads the pictures as defined. The list of supported photo sharing sites is already impressive. No doubt that KoffeePhoto will be added soon.

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